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CDA (Child Development Associates) & Beyond

Waverly's Hope Child Care LLC is focused on helping to build the pipeline of skilled African Americans and people of color in the child care field. Waverly’s CDA and Beyond (Waverly's Beyond) is a ongoing program with Waverly's Hope Child Care that provides 480 hours of paid on-the-job training, 120 hours of classroom instruction, CDA exam preparation, assistance in the completion of the CDA portfolio, tutoring in preparation for the CDA exam, and mentoring and coaching to ensure our participants are job ready. Once participants have earned their CDA they are assisted with job placement and ongoing mentoring to ensure their continuous progression in the field.  Equipped with a CDA participants are able to negotiate higher wages as general quality child care members, child care administration, or create their own salary as entrepreneurs of an in-home child care center or a child care facility. Waverly's Beyond participants can receive a livable wage, thus helping to move our participants out of poverty.


While not exclusive to black and brown individuals our target audience is individuals within the poverty guideline that are interested in Early childhood education. We recognize the importance of increasing the number of teachers that look like the children they serve.  Waverly's works with juniors in high school and older. Our program seeks to expose people to early childhood education in an effort to spark a love of education and provide phenomenal child care to children and their families.  Local and statewide child care facilities benefit from Waverly's CDA and Beyond program. These centers receive trained, credentialed, and vetted staff members to care for their children at their facility. Centers also save money and time because they do not have to train or pay for training of the participants we provide. Families throughout the city benefit from our program because they receive quality care from our participants that supports their child's individual social/ emotional and academic needs. Local school systems benefit from our program as more children enter school emotionally/socially and academically ready. We work with neighborhoods throughout Cincinnati and the surrounding communities.



June of 2022" - June of 2023"  CDA's provided 8-- 

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